Cristian B.


I was able to send my project quick... accustomed to the usual long and slow process of a project at my limit (no matter how fascinating it may be) this time in just 4 sessions, I unexpectedly find myself at the top of the boulder... stoked!!!

Black Mamba 8B by the legendary Cristian Core, a beast in the highest sectors of Rifugio Barbara. It's the culmination of 6 months of hard work, with my COMPASS Coaching plans, who not only helped me with a more organized and proper preparation but also gave me that extra boost that each one of us strives for. Thank you, coach.
Don't waste any more time.

Arne b.


This was my first time getting a personalized training plan, and I have to say I could not be more pleased with the whole experience.

I had been stuck on my outdoor project for a couple of months and decided it was the right time to get in contact with a coach as I had a couple of months to train and get ready for the upcoming season in Fionnay. The training plans I received were clear and easy to follow, but most importantly tailored to my personal goals and objectives me and Simone had talked about (mainly weak fingers) while still helping me improve in other areas.

Whenever I had questions or any sort of issue with an exercise, Simone helped me by explaining the issue or modifying the plan so it would be more suited to my capabilities and also schedule which was great. In the end I was able to send my project in Fionnay (Permanent Midnight 8A+/B) after just 3 months of training With Compass Coaching!

Elia b.


I always had doubts about following a workout plan, but convinced by a friend, I started this journey with Simone.

Simone doesn't just create your workout plan; is always available for clarification and adjustments, and advises different approaches to tackle outdoor projects. This definitely makes a difference.

Since then, all the aches and inflammations caused by poorly planned training have slowly disappeared. I have definitely improved in my weak points.

Martino m.


Training with Simone has revolutionized my climbing journey. I used to suffer from a lot of inflammations and injuries that made me plateau for years at ~7a, and thanks to his expert coaching not only I quickly healed my injuries (caused by bad amateur training habits) but propelled me from 7a+ to 7c sport, my bouldering skills from 6C to 7B+, and I never had a serious injury/inflammation ever since.

My coach not only provided comprehensive plans but also imparted in-depth knowledge about climbing-specific workouts. This education has empowered me to continue improving independently.

In a nutshell, training with Simone was a game-changer. I learned to manage my injuries, and the training insights he gave me are still with me keeping me safe from injuries and helping me to keep making progress in my climbing.

anna r.


From the beginning, everyone told me: to improve, you have to climb, climb, climb. Surely correct advice except when you find yourself with 1000 work commitments and climbing is no longer a pleasure but almost another duty. I wasn't improving anymore, and indeed, the level I thought I was solid on began to fluctuate.

So, I started a journey with Simone who managed to integrate workouts with my job schedule, devising a plan that fully adapted to my commitments; exercises that initially seemed impossible became accessible month after month (the effort is always considerable).

Thanks to his training, I am gaining more strength, coordination, and confidence in movement. The road is still long, but little by little, the satisfactions are coming.

Simone s.


I started training with COMPASS Coaching in September, and immediately, I noticed significant physical improvements that allowed me to complete some bouldering problems I had been aiming for in the following months. For me, embarking on a personalized training program has been useful not only for improving physical fitness but also for providing extra motivation during workouts, which is crucial for me, being somewhat lazy by nature.

Gabriele g.


If you’re looking for professional and above all a scientific approach to training, Simone will be the right man for you! I’ve always trained alone with some books or with my own experiences and going to end up with being stuck in a circle of “never get better”. Simone gave me the approach for a better and more fun training. With him I reached a more solidity in outdoor climbing, being able to do single moves in a couple of minutes that some time ago I would probably have done in a couple of sessions.

Marilou j.


I originally signed up for a 3 month program after witnessing a good friend getting even stronger thanks to Simone'coaching - and being so anthusiastic about it.
I was curious to see what would come from it and mainly wanted to step up my outdoor bouldering in general. Admittedly the first weeks were sooo hard !! I would have never done this do myself on my own, but it's awesome to see how the body can adapt. What felt like a huge volume now feels very manageable. This plan pushed my limits, with a great combo of exercises that targeted my weaknesses mixed with some of my favorite ones to keep it fun. I gradually felt stronger, and my body is feeling more solid and balanced in general (which I am so happy about, given that I had few injuries due to muscle unbalances before).

Following Simone's plan makes my training and climbing so much more intentional. I love not having to think about which exercises I should do when I enter the gym, and just get started with it straight away. Having a plan, logging the exercises and having chats with Simone has really helped me to be consistent with my workout routine, plan more efficiently during busy work periods and keep going even on low energy/motivation days. The discussions are also super nice to get advices for upcoming trips and projects.
I am so happy with the progress I made in terms of pure strength over the last 3 months. I will go soon to a bouldering trip so I am excited to see how the training plan applies to my outdoor climbing! Meanwhile, I'm very positive: I went back to an outdoor boulder problem I had tried few months before starting the plan, the holds felt bigger and closer, and I was now able to do move I couldnt do before - What a great feeling !

I am so happy with the progress I made in 3 months thanks to Simone's coaching, hence I am excited to see what progress could happen in a year! I'll definitely sign up for more :)



I started training with Simone's plan in the autumn of 2023, following a move to a new city and my decision to focus on outdoor bouldering after several years of just sport climbing. The most important criteria for me was to have a coach who is able to adapt a plan to my work schedule, which has unpredictable hours, and to the muscle and nerve impairment that affects my left leg and foot. From the beginning it has been nothing but a pleasure to train with this plan - Simone adapted without question to my parameters. He even further adapted the plan for a 3-month period after I had surgery on one of my fingers following a workplace accident (done with approval from a doctor and a physio).

I have felt significant improvement in my climbing, especially in terms of general strength and mindset. My baseline is much higher than before I started training and I have been seeing consistent improvement in my flash ability as well as my projecting, and this despite being unable to use my left index finger between the months of November 2023 and January 2024. A major goal for me is to improve my mindset and pain management at the crag, and I feel like I have made huge strides in this thanks to Simone's advice and help in strategising how I approach climbing. It has been great to prove to myself that I can push my limits outdoors again, both physically and mentally. I'm looking forward to continuing training and excited for what's next!

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