My approach

With COMPASS Coaching you will be able to find the right direction to achieve your results through strength and conditioning work, technical and climbing-specific exercises based on the latest research and scientific publications, and technique review and movement analysis through videos.

Each training program is uniquely crafted to best suit your needs. Goals, starting level, strengths and weaknesses, time availability, lifestyle, available facilities and equipment, personal preferences, etc. are all factors that collectively set us apart and make us different from others. For this reason, it is necessary and essential to follow a training plan tailor-made for us. To understand each of these factors for you, your plan will be made based on an initial 45 minute online consultation and assessment. Furthermore, I believe continuous feedback during the plan is vital to meet your needs and evolution, so I have included midway consultations.

With the Full Pack Plan, you will have exclusive access to the Evolution Fit Club App, where you will be given your training plan updated each month. When you open the app, your exercises will be neatly organized into days for each week, saving you time and giving you an easy guide to follow. As well, you can see animated tutorials of each exercise, and explanations and muscle-group diagrams.